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Your Experienced Resource for SBA Lender Services


As an experienced lender service provider (LSP), we’ll help you reach new commercial lending potential by serving as your complete resource for SBA loans of all sizes.


Through loan sourcing, underwriting, closing, secondary market sale, and servicing, our team of skilled banking and financial professionals use efficient processes that save you time and resources. While SBA loans are our specialty, we work with your institution to design comprehensive financial solutions that incorporate the right mix of your relevant banking products.


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What Sets Us Apart

We help lenders source credit-worthy SBA loan opportunities that fit their desired criteria. We can be an important source of new business that generates strong noninterest income.

We are experienced in financing commercial and industrial (C&I) verticals like manufacturing, heavy construction, contractors, renewable energy, land improvement, mining, wholesale, transportation, and distribution and export.

We look to partner with community lenders who want to create consistent SBA business development streams of at least five loans annually.


Comprehensive Lending Services

SBA Strategy

  • Goal setting
  • Loan sourcing
  • Lender training


  • SBA compliance evaluation
  • Pre-approval

Underwriting and Processing

  • Credit analysis
  • Packaging
  • Processing
  • Loan closing

Secondary Market Sale

  • Loan structuring
  • Quotes for non-standardized loan structures
  • Form 1086 completion


  • 1502 reporting
  • Change requests
    • Substitution of collateral
    • Release of guarantors
    • Payment deferrals
    • Term extensions
    • Subordination of SBA lien position
  • Purchase packages
  • Special assets/liquidation

Risk Mitigation

  • Analyze and reduce default risks and protect your loan guarantee
    • Data/analytics
    • SBA portfolio performance
    • Industry comparisons
    • Loan policy guidance
    • File reviews

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